Quality defects in thermal protection

Thermography/Infrared heat picture cameras.

Touchless temperature measurement with optical presentation

The thermography is a heat picture system for touchless temperature measurement with optical presentation, which based on the fact, that anything, lived or non-lived, emissions energy as heat.
The heat picture camera cannot look through walls, but many is revealing by the temperature of the wall surface. The picture in the thermogram set on the one hand by the thermal conduction of building materials and on the other hand by the different installation situations.

Wetness sets up the thermal conduction against dry building materials; heat pipes heat up the wall, water pipes cool down the wall; bad wall joints, African windows, hollow places, etc. in the wall leaks heat through, this is especially true for flaws or joints in poorly processed thermal insulation. In addition, built-in parts made of wood, steel or something like change the thermal conduction and are visible in the thermogram.

Thus, for the construction quality defects in thermal insulation and leaks notice.

Possible applications of thermography:

  • An overview of the heat loss areas of a building
  • Detecting thermal bridges
  • Detecting air leaks, especially through the Blower Door Test
  • Detecting of water pipes in the wall
  • Detecting of heat pipes on the ground or in the wall
  • Locating of leaks in the heat pipe system
  • Detecting of flat roof leaks, detecting the water migration under the seal
  • Detecting of leaks in floor or wall heating systems
  • Detecting of failures on electric components (overheating)
  • And so on…
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Visualization of the heat losses

Make yourself a „picture of the Thermogramm“!


Visualizing of heat loss in a heat distribution on a 45 centimeters thick, massive outer wall.
Important: It is required that there will be a difference on temperatures. It makes no sense, to create a thermography of outer walls or roof areas outside the period of heating!
It is highly recommended, that the outdoor climate have a result of 10 ° C or better less. Daylight with solar heating waves also not recommended, it could distort the results.

If in the course of any mass action for the building check you are visited by a thermographer during the day and maybe even in warmer outdoor climate, then send it back quietly. The images are nice and colorful, if necessary, but the significance is extremely low!
An exterior building thermography for the representation of thermal heat losses must therefore necessarily at low outdoor temperatures and take place at night. In addition, an appointment is necessary during the day, in which digital photos comparison can made and the results discussed. These costs can vary depending on the building and / or object to examine.

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One more thing:
Even the best infrared thermal images are no substitute for the described building energy analysis and consulting. However, they are an ideal supplement.

I use an infrared thermal imaging camera new design. It provides 320 x 240 pixels. The temperature is 86400 measuring points per image, with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C between measurement points. The thermal imaging camera is thin and handy. If required, it also enables measurements in confined spaces, crawl spaces and cellars.