Older houses lack sufficient thermal insulation

Good thermal insulation contributes greatly to energy savings and thus significantly contribute to environmental protection.

Thermal insulation = cost reduction + environmental protection

This energy-saving measure achieved in exterior walls by composite thermal insulation systems with mineral plaster or synthetic resin plaster.

In thermal insulation composite systems can be approximately assumed that 10 centimeters insulation has the same insulation effect as, for example, 1 meter thick masonry.

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Heat insulation from the outside

1. Insulating material thickness: min 8 cm (old building)/ 2. Insulating material thickness: min 12 cm (old building)/3. Insulating material thickness: min 16 cm (old building)/ 4. Insulating material thickness: min 8 cm (old building)/ 5. Insulating material thickness: min 8 cm (old building)/ 6. insulating material thickness: min 7 cm (old building)


Insulating material variation: Styropor / Mineral wool / Warm insulating plaster

Save heating costs!

We use targeted thermal insulation composite systems.


Why is thermal insulation worthwhile?

Thermal insulation from the outside has significant advantages:

  • Massive walls remain frost-free
  • Re-equipped or new heating systems to incorporated can be set energy efficient
  • Water pipes do not need to insulated individually
  • The heat will remain after switching off the heating inside the rooms longer
  • The interior insulation by a specialist can save energy, especially important for listed buildings implementation of energy-saving checks

Realisation of the energy savings check

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Wall construction with outside insulation


Proportionate insulating effect