Piece is a joy for the eyes of the beholder

Far more than pure building jewelry.

Our own piece workshop

Variety of shapes, vivid unfolding highest artisanship and detailed reference to the glorious traditions of past eras. Far more than pure building decorations, piece gives the facade distinctive identity.

Production of piece elements in modeling and draft work including the necessary casts of existing jewelry and piece parts.

Trained specialist staff:
Our team of specialists, using state-of-the-art techniques, will rebuild your interior and exterior facades in new splendor.

Achieve property and Timely execution by using the latest techniques and equipment. The highest level of detail, historical coherence and greatest care in the execution.

Inside, the company specializes in the restoration and renovation of stucco ceilings, cornices, rosettes and vaulted ceilings. The Ottemeier Stuckgeschäft sets when working the greatest importance to the wide continuous maintenance of existing architectural structures and a careful traditional processing using all proven techniques of stucco-craft.

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