Drywall / plaster / paint work

New individual characteristic appearance.

Also in the field of interior design, we are there for you

From the basement ceiling insulation to the loft conversion and the design of the living space, all necessary work is carefully planned and carried out according to new requirements and technical regulations.

Dry construction is also an integral part of soundproofing and fire protection. By using high quality materials, we can give every room structure a new individual characteristic appearance. The works in drywall characterized by speed, reducing the building moisture and cleanliness.

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Form your living space individually!

With the interior plaster the most different living space styles get provided and perfect.


For high demands

Just as the interior plaster previously thought only to compensate for the unevenness in the walls, he is today the best solution for the high demands of the client, who is looking for a more personal style of living. The interior plaster is no longer thinking away part of the design elements of individual living spaces.
With the interior plaster, the various housing styles can create and perfect, since almost all shades and plaster structures are available. In addition, the grain can varied individually.

Since it is thus in interior plaster to a purely mineral and a natural product, this form of plaster is breathable and is able to absorb humidity and release it again. For living spaces, this means a more balanced living environment.
Whether clay – lime – plaster or cement plaster for every application is always a corresponding plaster available. The design also filling and wiping techniques in various colors are possible.


  • personal design element
  • natural product
  • balanced living environment
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The design possibilities with plaster are diverse

Plasters Mineral precious scratch are the ideal solution for the skillful design of walls and facades.
Precious scratch plasters are permanently colorfast; protect the lying behind masonry from the weather while still allowing unhindered moisture balance to.

Another important aspect is the natural protection against algae and fungi by its mineral composition as well as the so-called self-cleaning effect.
The builders and architects are plasters with many colors and color gradations in our operating free choice.

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Make it colorful!

We mix every color you desire.


Add color to your life

An individual design of your interior and exterior plasters by color is thanks to the latest technology no more obstacles.
Even the most delicate shades can mixed by us and plotted.
Furthermore, our colors offer a reliable protection against everyday stress and let your old facade in a new light.

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