A effective construction companies helps you, to reach the targeted deadlines.

The dehumidifier are easy to use and can be operated by yourself.

With the use of targeted construction copmpanies you can accelerate the progress of building.

Caused by a average air humidity between 70% and 80% in Germany, it is difficult to estimate when a component has reached the right dryness to get approved for further works. Generally, the drying time for plaster and screed lying between ´6 and 8 weeks. That means, that after the bringing of plaster for interiors or screed the further craftsmen have to wait for 6 or 8 weeks, befre they can start their work.

The advantages of construction companies are clearly obvious:

  • constrction companies prevent schedule distortion caused by not executable work
  • the dehumidifier can operate by the property owner themselves
  • the interior expansion can conbtinue while construction companies on progress
  • the interior expansion will accelerate by contction companies, so this ensures a punctual completion
  • late damage and after works caused by higher building moisture are largely excluded by a building drying
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