Damp walls, wet cellars

Crash your plaster from the walls, wallpapers or colors burst from the wall?

The magic word is Interior-Restoration-System

Wetness in the masonry ist he nightmare of every property owner, then if the diagnosis of „wet cellar“ there it generally mentioned, that only dig out the real estate is the only way. But not all days yet, there will be a alternative since many years. The magic word ist Interior-Restoration-System by Sotano – A efficient, time-saving and cheap solution.

Moisture in the walls is not always visible by eyes. So there are measurement-items who helps an expert to locate the moisture places in the masonry. Is the moisture stage however already advanced, the layman will be aware of this at latest, when the plaster of the outside socket is bursting. We then carry out a non-destructive depth/humidity measurement with microwave technologies and the Gann Hydromette.

With the measurement-item GANN Uni 2, we can meausre objective the humidity. Dry walls reach a result of 50 to 70 Digits, the result of Digits is expendable, if moisture is present. By our work experience of 30 years and the activity as expert for the plastering trade, we can explain, wich consequences wet walls have.

The wet will – thruogh the wall – transport from outside to inside and partly released into the room air and the in the water bounded salts will be left in the pores of the bricks and the plaster. The consequence is a supersaturation oft he plaster, wich will destruct the carrying construction. After the years, the building fabric is subject to constant damage.

Concrete example:
A residential and commercial building from the turn oft he century has reached a result of 90 to 145 Digits even the outer base area is already heavily affected by weather conditions and the shift of capillary rising moisture and must be rehabilitated. Now the Interior-Restoration-System by Sotano comes first. After the removal of the plaster, holes are drilled at a maximum distance of 10 centimeters in wich will be filled Sotano Likosil by a patented injection system. After that, the surface capillaries oft he walls will be sealed with Likosil by Sotano and applied as a bonding layer Sotano pre-filled mortar.

The surface will be sealed again after drying with Likosil and then will be applied the actual barrier layer of 1.5 centimeters. It prevents that the moisture from inside the wall to get spawn out in the living area. The salts will be bound in the water and cannot damage the wall anymore. On the outer socket area will be applied Sotano outer plaster on the same way, further sealing measures are not necessary. The plastered walls can already be painted with a open-pore silicate paint.

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Wether penetrating moisture or mold, here you will find the solution for your problems!



is the answer for penetrating and rising moisture and protect your walls reliable and secure from moisture and mold.
Our restoration plaster system convinced by an excellent locking effect against moisture and grants youz a high saving of time and materials. The plasters demonstrate optimal processibility and very good product features.

Means innovative wall sealing techniques in a new dimension – with patented technologies for drillhole injections. Reduce your waiting time enormous – we guarantee a time-saving of 70% against other injection systems with drill hole screw connection.

We have the solution for your damp walls:


  • Screed
  • Outer plaster
  • Injection system
  • Mold remover
  • Fogger equipment
  • Spore destroyer
  • Calcium silicate plates
  • Priming mortar
  • Likosil
  • Likosil HS-C
  • Likosil W 1
  • Barrier plaster
  • Climate plaster
  • Dehumidifier plaster