When the storm rages in the house

If the house leaks, it costs a huge mount of energy.

Energy saving order is today’s standard

The airtightness of a building is anchored in the energy saving ordinance an today’s standard in construction. However, the claim to the airtight building envelope is not always carried out proferssionally. When it blows trhough all chinks it is clear: The house is leaky. That costs a huge mount of energy. We find with our BlowerDoor measurement even hidden leaks within a building envelope.

The principle of Blower Door measurement

The Minneapolis BlowerDoor will be fit in a outer door oft he building; the adjustable aluminium frame and the airtight nylon tarp also the digital pressure monitor DG-700 belongs to the standard equipment. The fan generates a positive or negative pressure, the air exchange in the building is determined. High air exchange rates provide information about leaks in the building envelope, which can be located during the measurement and then selectively removed. The energy efficiency of the building and the quality of the construction are guaranteed. The BlowerDoor measurement has been a recognized technical rule since 1998, m the airtight building envelope is a requirement of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2002.

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